Pinterest - Behind the scenes...

July 18, 2019

SHHHH this was a super secret board!

When I first talk to a couple about their wedding, I ask to see their Pinterest boards. It really helps me to understand their tastes and vision for their wedding day and what parts of this experience they are placing the most weight on.

If I notice a bunch of candid party shots and a wedding board full of action and movement with just a few table shots, I know that this event will be a fun party and candids and character shots are in order. Boards that have tons of table decoration ideas are making a ton effort in the decorating of this event… I will for sure take note and come prepared for that kind of coverage.

After I have had a chance to talk to chat  I love to create my own private Pinterest board with the information that I do know about the event they are planning. A lot of times I am lucky and I am one of the first vendors hired and the party planning is in its very early stage. This is the best! I LOVE this opportunity. Sometimes I share this board with them depending on where they are in the planning process. The purpose is not to overwhelm them or make them second guess themselves but to make sure we are both on the same page.

I also do this activity to show the photographer who will be shooting it with me to help them to understand the vibes I want to strive for on the day of, the possible colors and the treatment of the imagery. Also to get them excited!

*Here is the outcome and the shot I was after! This shot was set up after the ceremony and it took several shots to get the confetti to be exactly like we wanted 🙂

For inspiration and to see all of my public boards check out this link 🙂

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Pinterest board screenshot, Kissing Couple, Heart, Pool all – THE GOLD COLLECTIVE