Photography is a lot like love—you can follow all the rules, but you won’t find something truly beautiful unless you go with your gut. We draw on our experience and training to capture not just the who/what/where of your day, but the emotions and spirit of it as well. What we won’t do is just check shots off a list and then call it a day.

Plus, we’re fun people to have around.

We created THE GOLD COLLECTIVE to bring an eye for fine art and environmental storytelling to wedding photography, and to capture the real, honest moments of a day that gives forever meaning.

OUR COUPLES Our clients have described our work as colorful, vibrant, full of life, fresh, modern, youthful, fun, real, crisp, and honest. We are lovers of natural light, a strong action-stopping camera flash, enchanting brides, inventive dance moves, making new friends, and heartfelt toasts. Our bride (or groom!) can channel the sophistication of Bianca Jagger in YSL, the free spirit of Kate Moss in Galliano, or the classic beauty of Audrey Hepburn in Balmain, but regardless of her style, she knows how to have fun.

WORKING WITH US We work with couples who would rather enjoy their day than direct it, and we let them do just that. We’ll get to know your tastes, personality and what’s important to you so that we can anticipate what you’ll want on the day. We aim for intimacy and spontaneity over cheesy and cliché, but we’re pro enough to know that staged photos are often a necessity.

We tend to be calm and discrete, but can also jump right into a rager—it’s all up to you! We also have superpowers that let us be everywhere and invisible at the same time, so you can relax and know that yeah, we got that photo…

ABOUT IVY Principal and founder of TGC, photographer Ivy, picked up a camera at the age of 16, placed a roll of black-and-white film into it, and processed that roll in a silver canister with chemicals. Fast-forward 20+ years and many rolls later…

Feel free to check out my commercial work, too. My clients have included UCLA, Airbnb, HomeExchange, & Amazon.