Will you travel to a destination wedding? Absolutely. Get us on that plane!

Do you photograph engagements and elopements? Yes, we do shoot engagement and elopement photos. Just like with weddings, we’ll work with you to make sure we get something that feels timeless and unique. And while we love cheese on a plate (especially if there’s charcuterie involved), we avoid it at all costs in our work, so we’ll collaborate with you to create a session that’s authentic to you.

Will you photograph a rehearsal dinner? Rehearsal dinners can be tricky to photograph because not even Kate Moss looks good when she’s chewing. We encourage you to invite us to the dinner where we can get the opportunity to meet who is who, and limit the photography to speeches, or other important moments, rather than shooting the entire dinner. Again, this gives us a chance to interact with you in person, and meet the people who are important to you (aka, the people you want in your pictures).

How many photographers will be at my wedding? It depends on the number of guests, but that is up to you – but the preferred number is two. For engagement sessions, it’s only Ivy.

What equipment do you use?  We shoot with a variety of cameras, including Canon, Nikon, and Hasselblad. Ok, so you want the non-gearhead answer? Classic film cameras and modern digital cameras each have their strengths. We use a combination of the two depending on the venue and the light available. If you are drawn to particular photos we’ve taken please let us know, so we can take that into account when creating your imagery in a similar fashion if circumstances allow. We always use the best cameras for the occasion.

Should we do a first look? That’s entirely up to you. We tend to think that first looks are a more intimate and relaxed environment for photos. Often, it’s as close to ‘alone time’ as you and your partner are going to get in the middle of a wedding. After the ceremony, your family and friends are excited for you to come and join the party, which can make some couples feel rushed to avoid anxious guests. That said, we’re happy to shoot before or after, whichever is your preference.

What is your turnaround time? We’ll have your photos to you within six weeks of your event. We’ll send you a link to a hidden website of all of your images, where you can download high-res files and order prints.

How much do you edit? Because we have a natural style, we keep editing to a minimum. We color correct and make other adjustments as necessary to make sure that everyone, and everything, looks as amazing as possible, but we’re not going to Photoshop anyone into oblivion.

Do I have to order prints through you? No. But we do have a list of printers we trust and love to work with. All our artisans with their craft and produce beautiful, high-quality prints at moderate prices, but you can always have your own made as well.

Will my wedding photos be featured in magazines and blogs? While we do have relationships with many top wedding websites and magazines, we can’t guarantee that anything will be covered. We can tell you that editors typically gravitate towards weddings that have a ton of personal and unique details.

Investment? We’d love to connect with you about our offerings and what would best suit your needs. Click the button below and we’ll go from there.