Do you like having your picture taken? Most people say they don’t. And no – selfies don’t count! Perhaps you would like to learn some “tricks” before embarking on one of the most photographed days of your life?

Being photogenic isn’t some kind magical trait bestowed from the gods (well, maybe it is) – but with a little practice in front of the camera and a helpful friend, you can become more comfortable and consistently look great in photos. Get those ants out of your pants and make sure you feel the most confidence when it counts the most!


+ How to position your body during photo’s

+ Things to consider when getting your picture taken

+ How to get the images you want

+ How to look natural in front of the camera

+ How to get great faked photos – yes that’s a thing!

+ How to approach candids

+ Posed imagery practices if that is the look you want

+ How to get timeless imagery from any photographer you hire

+ How to communicate with your photographer using their language 🙂

+ This 3-hour course is 1/2 picture-taking + 1/2 reviewing and discussing the imagery on a computer