Dream Wedding - Literally

July 11, 2019

the mustard themed wedding

I had a very vivid dream, not so very long ago… It was my best friend’s wedding, and it was gorgeous! I woke up and immediately wanted to plan it 🙂 I made a mood board with Pinterest (naturally) + very quickly so I wouldn’t forget it.

She and her beau said their vowels up on a hillside of tall dry grass with older trees in the distance. The guests sat on weathered dark brown Bentwood chairs and the views were gorgeous! She wore a dress very similar to the one depicted below of the girl’s back to frame – except my friend had a distinct mustard yellow sash that was sewn of light linen and matched the material of the 3 little flower girls sack dresses.

Her hair was pinned back and sat at the nape of her neck with a vintage ornamental hair comb. The bouquet she carried was not fussy and felt wild with many textures and levels of brightly colored leaves and off-white and light peach and palest of pink flower hues with a long mustard ribbon that matched the sash on her dress.

After the ceremony, the guests were politely asked to take their chairs down the hill and to place them near the long single dining table. It seemed to be about 30 or so guests of friends and family. 2 long tables were placed on the short end side by side with an antique off white tablecloth connecting them as one. The tables had beeswax candles in simple brass holders with a plethora of little arrangements in the center filling the entire length of the table featuring fall-colored leaves and pale flowers. There were also little antique silver salt and pepper holders that were small open flat bowls for guest to take a pinch of.

The table sat lengthwise up along the side of an old brick fence that went up about 3.5 feet that had some kind of fruit trees on the other side of it. It was getting darker – this ceremony was at the sun just setting behind them on the hill.

On the edge of the brick fence, a rusted cast-iron centerpiece was placed with fall leaves and flowers inside it. Guests stood around talking while waiting to be called to sit down for dinner as silver trays were being passed around with a sparkling Rose that contained tiny flowers in them. They were almost too pretty to drink.


Oh, what a party and what a dream… And then I woke up 🙂 Here is the board in its entirety.

Image credits:

Portrait: Maud Coats 1906 by John Singer Sargent, Floral cocktails: Ivy & Gold,

Epic tree: Todd Hunter Mcgaw, mustard dress: unknown, Chairs: unknown, Hair Piece: Once Wed, Middle Floral Piece: @the_blue_carrot via Instagram,  Floral Piece – Right: @the_blue_carrot via Instagram, Floral Piece – Bottom Right: @the_blue_carrot via Instagram, Gown: Alejandra Svarc via Events With Swing, Table Setting: Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty, Detail of Painting: unknown