Shark Pig Weddings

December 4, 2020

Vendors We Love!

With every wedding, a team of “vendors” gets created.  I have to say when I see the name Shark Pig come up in the email chain I get super excited!
Not a big surprise here – but the relationship between still photography + motion is a super important one! How we work together will determine the end results of both of our efforts. I mean we are basically in each other’s way ALL DAY. LOL. The day becomes a rhythm of getting in and out of each other’s way.
What’s great about Shark Pig is that we also seem to have a similar philosophy about the kind of imagery we want and how we go about getting it! What does that mean to you? You might be asking yourself… Well to sum it up – we will most likely be the last guests leaving your wedding! You’ve invited us to a fun party where we get to do what we love the most! But in all seriousness, you can physically see and feel the passion of these filmmakers. They look like they are always having fun so naturally, the videos look and feel that way too.

If you are on the fence right now about having videography – don’t be. Trust me you want it! Shark Pig won’t let you down. Fun people. Fun vibes! Check out their Instagram handles @sharkpigweddings where you can get an idea of these vibes! Also, don’t miss out on their website right here.

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