DJ Keelez

March 16, 2020

Vendors We Love!

Being in charge of the vibes of any wedding can be a tough job! Reading the room is what can set you apart from the pack in the world of finding a good DJ + DJ Keelez is one of these gems! Located in Los Angeles but she travels – just ask. Her collection of music gets all ages dancing and her kind spirit was infectious. I would recommend her to anyone.

To get an idea of her jam, check out her Instagram where she recently shared a link to her “quarantine playlists”. It’s so fun and makes me feel like I am at a wedding!

DJ Keelez discovered a love of music at a very early age, which quickly evolved into a passion for DJing. Since then, she has dedicated her life to perfecting her skills and mastering the art of making people dance.

Check out her website here to learn more 🙂

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