This is one of my favorites images that I have captured in all time…I took it several years ago of a bride and her military beau in all of his garb. Perhaps it has something to do with the grooms Marine attire as my favorite Grandpa was a Marine. I grew up listening to stories about his time serving while living with my Grandma in Camp Pendleton in the 1950s.

This image was shot on film, and like most weddings, I don’t always have a lot of time to set up the scene to create that perfect authentic moment. These moments are not always a spontaneous occurrence. This is often achieved through a combination of location and mood of who I am shooting.

On this day it was a big race! I felt rushed. The couple only had a few more minutes before they had to get back to say their vows. I was given about 10 minutes total alone with them…including a short walk to even get to this location depicted here!

Looking back on this image and that day I get really excited because I got the shot I wanted! I got the vibe of that moment and this couple and the feeling of that day – all in that one image. This moment was magical. I can still remember what it felt like at the moment it was taken.