Ace Palm Springs

July 26, 2019

Pastels in the high desert

We have shot a fair amount of weddings at The Ace Palm Springs and I have to say it’s become very consistently a great event every time! I might even be telling couples that it’s a solid place to get married at this point… If they are on your list let me tell you why this may be the perfect place.

I love the chill vibes there (yes- it’s really a thing) and the people working the event all seem to share this same calm gene. They just don’t stress the small stuff, nothing is fussy ever – yet thoughtful and the food is always rad.

The grounds are small which is handy but with many different types of backdrops for us photographers to choose from 🙂 Also adding to the fact that this becomes a huge time-saving bonus for all of us – which translates to more time actually enjoying your wedding! And if you want a heavy cactus backdrop for your portraits – Moorten Botanical Garden is only a 5-minute drive.

Another thing to note is that everything that comes into contact with your party scene is very neutral. The furniture choices and linens are all great solid basic choices – I know you can make some upgrades but if you don’t want to it still ends up looking great!  Many other venues have some tables and chairs as a part of their fees but they are often very outdated stuff and from what I hear can charge you an arm and a leg to upgrade it to something even just neutral. Lame!

Another big bonus for us vendors is that they will actually help us get fed – which I know may sound silly to many of you but the reality is that many venues really just don’t care about the people working your event. This goes a long way for us because protein bars can only get you so far on a 10-12 hour day!

I have decided to share more of this particular Ace wedding with you because we loved this couple so much and we loved all of the color choices. This was truly a pastel desert vibe but with more than just natives which I always appreciate as I am a sucker for all flowers lol 🙂

P.S. This post isn’t in any way sponsored or paid by The Ace Palm Springs! I have just decided that if I am going to let you know more about me at all then I am going to spill it! 🙂 

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