OG Couple Goals!

April 2, 2020

My Grandparents Wedding Anniversary

OG Couple Goals! This month marks my maternal grandparents’ 69th wedding anniversary! Growing up around these two for sure set me up to believe that LOVE is a “real” thing and that MARRIAGE is something that can work even if my own parents weren’t together. 

My grandparents were never shy about how they felt about each other in front of other people and in retrospect, I think that was a very positive thing for us grandkids to witness – and to aspire to have for ourselves. 

These images I am sharing today are from last year when their 68th anniversary happened to fall on a Sunday. This prompted my grandpa to ask my grandma if they could renew their vows in their church – he is 90 btw! It was the most adorable thing and amazing to see how many churchgoers came up to congratulate them 🙂

My sister and I created that little bouquet that my grandma holds. Her original bouquet was made of daffodils so we decided to surprise her with this interpretation.

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