• Get The Ants Out of Your Pants

    Do you like having your picture taken? Most people say they don’t. And no – selfies don’t count! Perhaps you would like to learn some “tricks” before embarking on one of the most photographed days of your life?

  • Family Time-Capsule

    This is like a family portrait, but of your lifestyle – in this time period.

  • Band In LA

    Is your band in LA? Want to take some photos? Well, get us on the list, get us some drinks and let’s party.

  • Mentoring

    We meet people all the time who are interested in taking pictures but are afraid to take it further.

  • Babies Being Babies!

    We love babies +  love documenting their little mugs! They make the most entertaining expressions 🙂 We can’t get enough of them! Give us half an hour at your place – you won’t regret it!